NEMSIC at Advanced Hybrid Nano Devices Symposium

An International Symposium entitled ÔÇťAdvanced Hybrid Nano Devices (IS-AHND) ( is jointly organized on October 4-5 in Tokyo, Japan, by JSPS Global COE Program PICE and European FP7 Project NEMSIC, and IEEE EDS Japan Chapter. Guardian Angels Pilot will be represented in Japan at this event that will also serve to bridge European and Japanese research communities in the field of low power technologies and enable the first contacts for future cooperation.
Beyond the traditional used of silicon CMOS for high performance computing, novel applications in logic, memory and sensor devices will be reported in this event based on the fusion of CMOS technology with MEMS technology. Hybrid technology with new materials or variables (mechanical, photonic, spin, etc) is essential for future advance of CMOS technology.
The purpose of this international symposium is to bring together world's leading scientists in the field of silicon nanodevices and discuss about future directions of hybrid nanodevice technology.