NEMSIC at Advanced Hybrid Nano Devices Symposium

An International Symposium entitled ÔÇťAdvanced Hybrid Nano Devices (IS-AHND) ( is jointly organized on October 4-5 in Tokyo, Japan, by JSPS Global COE Program PICE and European FP7 Project NEMSIC, and IEEE EDS Japan Chapter. Guardian Angels Pilot will be represented in Japan at this event that will also serve to bridge European and Japanese research communities in the field of low power technologies and enable the first contacts for future cooperation.
Beyond the traditional used of silicon CMOS for high performance computing, novel applications in logic, memory and sensor devices will be reported in this event based on the fusion of CMOS technology with MEMS technology. Hybrid technology with new materials or variables (mechanical, photonic, spin, etc) is essential for future advance of CMOS technology.
The purpose of this international symposium is to bring together world's leading scientists in the field of silicon nanodevices and discuss about future directions of hybrid nanodevice technology.

Publication in the Annals of Romanian Scientists

A joint paper was recently published in the Annals
of Romanian scientists, Thanks once again to the excellent collaboration within the consortium.

NEMSIC 5th Consortium Meeting

The fifth NEMSIC Consortium Meeting was organized by EPFL on February 22nd and 23rd 2011.

NEMSIC 2nd Reivew Meeting

The second Review Meeting has been organised in Lausanne (Switzerland) at EPFL on September 1st 2010.

NEMSIC Workshop

The first NEMSIC Workshop will be organized as satellite event of the next ESSDERC/ESSCIRC conference in Sevilla, Spain on September 17th 2010.
Check the workshop
programme or the official conference website.

NEMSIC 4th Consortium Meetiing

The fourth NEMSIC Consortium Meeting was organized by EPFL on June 25th 2010.

NEMSIC at the Swiss nanotech Pavillon

NEMSIC was present at the Swiss Nanotech Pavillon at the Nanotech 2010 Exhibition, which was held at the Anaheim Convention Center, USA on June 21 to 24 2010.
Please visit the Exhibition
website or download the NEMSIC presented poster


Resonant-body FinFET at Device Researce Conference 2010

The resonant-body FinFET prototyped at EPFL that can serve in the project for the first oscillator and sensing studies has been presented as invited paper on resonant body transistors at the Device Research Conference 2010 in June.
See the conference
website and download the paper abstract.

NEMSIC oral presentation at MRS spring 2010

A paper focused on NWs surface functionalization and characterization, has been published as oral presentation in the MRS spring conference on April 5-9 2010 in San Francisco.
See the Conference website and download the presented paper.

An oral presentation to the Romanian Academy

NEMSIC has been represented by Honeywell Romania at the 9th National Seminar of Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies organized by the Romanian Academy on 16 March 2010.
The following
abstract, and an oral speech, agreed within the NEMSIC consortium, have been presented.

NEMSIC third Consortium Meeting

The third NEMSIC Consortium Meeting was organized by TU-Delft on February 10th and 11th 2010. The main objectives of the meeting were to review the status of the technology platform in order to prospect for the project devices fabrication. The first preliminary results of device modeling and of sample functionnalization were also presented.

NEMSIC at IEEE CAS Conference

NEMSIC project has been presented during 2009 IEEE CAS conference in Sinaia (Romaina).
See the following
link to download the presented paper.

NEMSIC First Review Meeting

The first Review Meeting has been organised in Leuven (Belgium) at IMEC on August 28th 2009.

Nano-Bio-Sensing Summer School at EPFL

NEMSIC project was represented at the Nano-Bio-Sensing Summer School which was organised at EPFL from June 29th to July 3rd 2009.
You can download the presentations of the summer school following this link
The NEMSIC presentation given at the summer school is available here

NEMSIC First Consortium Meeting after the Kick-off

The first NEMSIC Consortium Meeting (January 19th-20th 2009) took place on CEA-LETI premises in Grenoble
The main objectives of the meeting were to discuss the technology platform to be developed for the project devices fabrication, and to decide the different functionnalization technologies that will be employed for the realisation of gas-sensors and bio-sensors on NEMS devices.
The picture shows the group working on the project enjoying some fresh air outside the LETI buildings.


NEMSIC reported on, the e-zine devoted to worldwide news about nanotechnology and its development, reported about the NEMSIC project in its November news.
See link:
In the article special emphasis is given to the development of a new generation of miniaturised gas and bio-sensors based on the NEMSIC project technology.

Website Online

The NEMSIC website is now online, for your consortium eyes only :)
Not all the sections have been published yet, but stay tuned for more information and features of the project to come soon!"

NEMSIC at NANO Europe 2008

Tim Stakenborg has given a presentation concerning the technology developed for the NEMSIC project at the NANO Europe conference in St. Gallen (Switzerland)
brochure, see page 13: Surface Engineering: a Way to Bridge Technology and Biology.

NEMSIC Press release

At the very beginning of the project SOU has prepared a press release, which appeared on their web-site as well as on the CORDIS news web-site and RSS feed.
See link:

Kick Off Meeting

The NEMSIC Project has officially started with the Kick Off meeting which was held in Lausanne between on July 7th and 8th. All the members of the project have had the occasion to meet themselves "for real", and - for sure - it will not be the last time! The technical aspects of the projects have been presented and largely discussed during these two first days and a lot of work have been planned for all partners for the future months.

NEMSIC is a FP7 Project!

The European Commission has decided to fund NEMSIC among his projects in the "Information and Communication Technologies" priority. The project has brilliantly passed the evaluation process and after finalization in the negotiation phase has become now a 7th Framework Project.