Sensors Laboratory Bucharest (SLB) was established in 2003, included in the Honeywell Romania srl (ltd.).
SLB is a functional part of the Honeywell’s global Sensors & Wireless Laboratory, within the Automation Control Solutions Division (Minneapolis, MN, USA). SLB has a total of 20 R&D engineers/scientists working in the field of micro- and nanosensors (including MEMS).

Tasks in the project
WP1 - T1: Specifications from system requirements; T5: Exploring the extension of the sensing application field
WP1 – T3: Development of Si surface functionalization techniques

- New concepts and micro & nano technologies for next generations of sensors
- Design, modeling, simulation and virtual prototyping of sensors and actuators.
- Physical characterization of new sensing materials.
- Virtual instrumentation-based data acquisition and signal processing from sensors
- Functional testing for wireless/wired sensor systems.

Senior staff
-Cornel Cobianu: Ph. D. in microelectronics (Politech. Univ. Bucharest); (1977-1992)- Microelectronica Bucharest; (1992-2000) Lab Leader & Scientific Director with National Inst. of Microtechnology; (1993-2003) – Guest professor – researcher at University of Twente; (2000-2003) – Professor of Sensor Specialization; Since 2003 Senior Technology Manager in Honeywell Sensors Laboratory Bucharest. More than 60 published papers and 10 patents in microelectronics and microtechnology; Member of International Advisory Board of EUROCVD. Main interest in MEMS, microelectronic and microsystem technology (concept, fabrication), low power gas sensing, electrical characterization of dielectric thin films.
- Mihai N. Mihaila: Ph. D. in physical electronics (Politech. Univ. Bucharest); (1971-1996)-ICCE- Bucharest; (1996-2003) research fellow with National Inst. of Microtechnology. From 2003-principal scientist in Honeywell Adv. Tech. Center, Sensors Laboratory – Bucharest. More than 100 publications; recognized for observation of the phonon excitation mechanisms in noise and fluctuation spectroscopy. Main interest in nanomaterials, nanostructures and nanodevices characterization and their application in sensing and energy conversion. Associate member of the Romanian Academy (since 1999).
- Viorel Dumitru works as Senior Research Scientist within Honeywell SLB, since January 2005. Previously, he worked as scientific co-worker within Stuttgart University, (2000-2004) and asResearch Assistant and Research Scientist within National Institute for Materials Physics, Bucharest- Magurele (1996-2000).Viorel holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Stuttgart University, Germany, a MS in Semiconductors Physics and a Diploma in Physics from Bucharest University, Romania. His area of expertise includes semiconductor physics, optoelectronic devices technology, thin films and sensors.
- Bogdan Serban works as Senior Research Scientist within Honeywell SLB since March 2004. Previously, he worked as Research Scientist at Romanian Institute of Electrochemistry and Condensed matter, as well as a PhD student and Teaching Assistant at Politehnica” University Bucharest. Bogdan Serban holds a PhD in Chemistry from Politehnica” University Bucharest, and MASc degrees from Politehnica” University Bucharest in Drugs and Cosmetics and Environmental Protection and depollution methods. His areas of expertise are organic chemistry, organic synthesis, supramolecular chemistry and general chemistry.