SCIPROM is an SME specialised in the management of European research projects. SCIPROM supports scientific coordinators from the first project idea to the final report, in project set-up, submission, negotiation, and management. At present, SCIPROM has 8 employees.

Tasks in the project
SCIPROM will provide Project Management and Dissemination resources including:
- Project office, contact point and support for the coordinator and all partners of the consortium,
- Contractual, financial and legal management (Consortium Agreement, EU contract negotiations and amendments, IPR issues, financial reports and audit certificates),
- Compilation of scientific and financial reports, collection of audit certificates,
- Organisation of project meetings,
- Creation and maintenance of the project web site.

SCIPROM is currently involved in the management of five FP7 and seven FP 6 projects. Two more FP7 projects are under negotiation. SCIPROM manages projects in different thematic priorities (ICT, NMP, Health, SSH etc.). and with different types of funding schemes (IPs with 20 - 30 participants, several STREPs, a Marie Curie action, two coordination actions). All SCIPROM project managers have both a substantial scientific background with several years of research activities and sound experience in project management incl. training in IP and financial issues. SCIPROM has extensive in-house knowledge in the creation of project websites incl. custom made collaboration platforms and dissemination material (brochures, flyers).

Senior Staff
- Dr. Paolo Dainesi, project manager. He is an electronic engineer with more than 10 years research experience in micro/nano photonics, MEMS, optical-MEMS and RF-MEMS, achieved in academic
as well as in and industrial environment. He has participated to several EU FP6 projects with both technical and management responsibilities.
- Dr. Peter Ulrich, co-founder & technical director of SCIPROM. He is a physical chemist and senior scientist, with extensive experience in scientific project management, consulting, IT and website creation.
- Dr. Kirsten Leufgen, co-founder and executive director of SCIPROM. Her previous experience includes national and international project management and involvement in EU FP 4-6 projects. She has a solid scientific background in biophysical chemistry, as well as extensive knowledge of research policies and administration.
- Dominique Stücker, a highly qualified and experienced financial officer.