Academic Research, in the field of neuroscience

Tasks in the project
Develop and test the biological functionality of NEMs

The laboratory localized in the Medical Faculty of Geneva has a longstanding experience in the field of electrophysiology and neurotransmission with a particular accent on the research of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. Worldwide experience of this laboratory has been recognized in many publications in high-ranking journals. A major collaboration with the EPFL has also been maintained during the last decade with the development and testing of microfluidic and retinal implants. The Swiss National Science Foundation has continuously supported this research.

Senior staff
- Professor D. Bertrand, is professor at the Medical Faculty of Geneva since 1994. Its dual training in electronic and neuroscience has been a key issue in the success of national and international collaborations. He published over a hundred articles in peer-reviewed journals including Nature, Science, Neuron, PNAS etc. He participated in several EEC projects and his experience in laboratory automation will certainly of value for the successful development of a new technology such as biosensors based on NEMSIC.
- Dr Ronald C. Hogg, trained as an electrophysiologist received his PhD in 1994 at the University of London. Since then, he focused his attention on the action of toxins and neurotoxins at the neurotransmission. Following a postdoctoral fellowship in Australia he joined the laboratory of the Medical Faculty in 2002. His formation in the field of physiology and pharmacology is a major advantage for the studies of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and he published several decisive publications in high impact factor journals during his stay in Geneva.